Translating Headphones


In an increasingly globalized world, language is still a communication barrier.

This is the reason why Google has created new headphones called Pixel Buds, which are able to translate almost simultaneously using the app Google Translate.

It works as it follows: someone puts the pods on and other person has a Smartphone with the App on. The person wearing the headphones speaks while the smartphone listens, translates and reproduces the translation content to the other person. The one having the Smartphone can give and answer, which will be translated by the app and whose content will be sent to the headphones.

Until now, all this process was possible via Google Translate. Background noise was the worst enemy of this app, as it enormously hardened listening and understanding the speaker. More common problems were caused by the low possibility the machine had to detect when a person finished speaking and when another one started.

With these headphones, the noise problem is solved and they allow speakers to have a more fluid conversation as they can look each other to the eyes without the need for constantly checking their phone.

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