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Nowadays, we use Artificial Intelligence much more than we are aware of. We can find it in our email inboxes, music players, social media, smart phones…

This is bringing us closer and closer to this new technology, but where are these advances heading to?

One of the main features that illustrates the evolution of AI is the interaction with people. Right now, chatbots and virtual agents are the ones in charge of assisting people through different websites and voice recognition apps as well as many other interactive systems, which allow users to get their queries responded without having to wait.

Sub- disciplines of AI

Another sub-discipline of AI that will become prominent in the near future is Natural Language Generation, which converts data into text and has proven to be very useful in report generation. Text recognition works in a very similar way, extracting data from documents.

However, AI not only helps us with our daily tasks, but it is also present in the cyber security fields as a defense mechanisms to detect possible threats.   Image recognition is another component that will mark the future of AI, especially in social media. Emotions recognition gains importance as well considering that software will be able to read emotions from a human face and compile that data.  As we can expect, AI has a very promising future in the field of human emotions – imagine apps that can capture verbal and nonverbal communication and detect potential fraud.

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