Artificial Ingelligence for Everyone

artifficial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been, until now, mainly a “toy” of technological companies, such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

For many other companies and organisms, A.I. systems are rather expensive and difficult to completely implement.

Currently, A.I. is used by the technology industry, where it creates efficient and new processes.

To solve this situation, A.I. tools based on the cloud are enclosing A.I. to the general public. Even if nowadays the use of A.I. is mainly mastered by a relative small number of companies, being a service based in the cloud will make A.I. far more available for many other companies and people with a subsequent boost in economy.

Amazon controls the A.I. in the cloud and Google is working in pre-trained systems which would make easier to use AI tools.

Implementing A.I in other sectors will be a real economic transformation. And it is thanks to the cloud that we are closer to the AI revolution.

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